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Why should you book with the piercers at The Studio Collective?


The piercers at The Studio Collective have the tools and knowledge to give you the most comfortable piercing experience around.  We use high quality and industry current materials and methods to give a superior piercing experience. View our piercers below and click on their portfolios to check out an updated version of their recent piercings through Instagram!

Kristina (Nina) Bosworth

Licensed Body Piercer since 2014

I have been a body piercer for almost 10 years now and what I love most about it is the interaction...meeting people from all walks of life and having this fun, exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking experience with them. Anything I've ever done in life has been with a love for people... and the feeling of someone leaving our studio with an awesome new adornment and happiness is just the best thing ever.




Licensed Body Piercer Since 2023

Hi, my name is Reagan, and I'm not 100% sure what I'm supposed to put in this bio! I got my first piercing from Nina in 2017, and I loved it so much that I began begging my mother to let me get more (thanks mom). Now, five years and 20 ish piercings later, I've started this super awesome adventure with a lot of really cool people. Did I expect to become Nina's apprentice when I first came here at age 13? Nope. Did I change my college and future plans for this because it's significantly more fun? Absolutely. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Piercings

Our team of Licensed Piercers have compiled a list of frequently asked questions by our customers— but if you still have more questions please feel free to reach out! The best way currently to contact us is by email.



"What payment methods do you take?"

If necessary, we can take a card, however, we always prefer cash. Just be sure to check in with your piercer first, as they might have a different preference for taking payments or may not have the ability to take cards.

"Who can get a piercing?"

Anyone under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign permission for them. Nipple piercing is 18+ no exceptions. We offer children's ear lobe piercing starting at age 6. 

"Can I bring a friend?"

A friend is completely okay if you are worried or nervous, please reframe from bringing large groups unless they are also getting a piercing due to the size of the shop. We only allow one person in the piercing room as support.

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